Arriva al Link Donato Dozzy, una delle figure più importanti della scena techno italiana ed europea, acclamato da critica e ascoltatori per la sua instancabile indole di sperimentatore e per il suo personalissimo sound ipnotico.
Ad impreziosire la serata Vladimir Ivkovic, con il suo rarissimo ed unico gusto di selezione musicale e mixing.
In chiusura Elena Colombi, conduttrice di NTS Radio e amante di set portatori di apertura e alterazione mentale.

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Donato Dozzy
Elena Colombi
Vladimir Ivkovic

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Few DJs and pro­duc­ers are as wide­ly and uni­ver­sal­ly acclaimed in tech­no cir­cles as Ital­ian Dona­to Dozzy. He has a rare abil­i­ty to work his way into peo­ples’ minds in both con­tem­po­rary and clas­si­cal set­tings, con­jur­ing real mood and atmos­phere. Nev­er one to pay heed to the zeit­geist, he prefers to deal in hyp­not­ic sound­scapes that real­ly take you on a trip.
Enig­mat­ic as he is, and laid­back as he seems, as an artist he is con­stant­ly unveil­ing new work. Dis­play­ing a large vari­a­tion in terms of sound and method across many new releas­es each year – some of which come on his co-owned label Spazio Disponi­bile – he also puts out instal­la­tions for pub­lic spaces and muse­ums, uses obscure musi­cal instru­ments, col­lab­o­rates with like­mind­ed pro­duc­ers, clas­si­cal singers or visu­al artists. Dona­to seems to con­tin­u­ous­ly chal­lenge him­self on a cre­ative lev­el: what­ev­er method he uses, though, he is always like­ly to per­me­ate your cere­bral cor­tex and rewire it in fas­ci­nat­ing and com­pelling new ways.


Many DJs claim to be champions of free-spirited eclecticism, but few truly break boundaries or swerve convention. Step forward Elena Colombi, a DJ and radio host whose inspired sets are not only open-minded and mind-altering, but also seek to toy with the emotions of listeners and dancers via shifts in intensity, tone, light and shadow. Her distinctive approach is truly unique, in part thanks to a widescreen grasp of different musical cultures, sounds and rhythms, born out of travelling the world with her family from a young age.
This nomadic approach is something that Colombi still embraces. After ten years living in London and making her mark in the city’s electronic music underground and a brief relocation to Brussels, the artist is now based in Amsterdam, where she can be found contributing to the vital local scene whilst focusing on her new label, Osàre! Editions.
Launched in the summer of 2019, the imprint was inspired by the Italian translation of ‘daring’ or ‘bold’. In keeping with Colombi’s approach to DJing, the label will provide a home for future-facing music shot through with forward-thinking experimentation and abandon, and imbued with a sense of complete freedom, transcending expectations of time or genre.
This approach is a neat fit with her musical style, which taps into a wide range of influences and inspirations old and new. Since she began her journey through DJ culture, the Italian artist has prioritised energy and emotion over form and function, paying particular attention to obscure and undiscovered artists. While ‘anything goes’ is undoubtedly her mantra, her dynamic sets are perfectly balanced with the kind of effortless flow that many DJs fail to master with a lifetime of practice.
As well as documenting her far-reaching taste via her monthly NTS shows, Elena has contributed outstanding mixes for FACT and Crack Magazine, Beats In Space, Intergalactic FM, Digital Tsunami and Dekmantel, where she also took part in a live discussion with John Talabot on the Art of DJing, a panel that was recorded by Resident Advisor and later broadcast as part of the RA Exchange podcast series.
On the festival circuit she’s made appearances at Dekmantel, Club To Club, Nuits Sonores, ADE, Unsound and more, together with an annual residency for the boutique UK festival Field Maneuvers and a quarterly curated night at Belgrade’s Club Drugstore. Her outsider-led approach also gained recognition from the established art world, going back-to-back with homegrown Manchester legend Jon K at the Whitworth Art Gallery (a feat repeated at Atonal in Berlin), as well as bringing her selections to the Tate Modern in London for the Tate Lates series.
The different strands of Colombi’s DJ career are almost as diverse and otherworldly as her on-point selections, a reflection of her ability to translate her vast music knowledge and sets to differing environments. Yet it’s in clubs that her celebrated talents hit home hardest.


Vladimir Ivkovic is a DJ. He’s more than that of course, but as his essence, Ivkovic is someone with a particularly unique talent for selecting records and weaving them into a larger – and often unusually compelling – narrative.
Born and raised in Belgrade, he first dabbled in DJing as a teenager in the mid ’80s, but it was only after leaving Yugoslavia (to study in Germany) and later coming back for a summertime visit that he truly immersed himself in the craft, taking up position behind the decks during a series of impromptu parties at a lakeside restaurant owned by his parents.
From there, he spent much of the next two decades honing his skills while throwing events like Selected and Substance that played host to a cross-section of boundary-pushing DJs, long before it was fashionable to do so. Eventually, Ivkovic found his musical and spiritual home at Salon des Amateurs, an unassuming spot in Düsseldorf that’s gradually proven to be wildly influential, giving rise in recent years to otherworldly talents like Lena Willikens, Tolouse Low Trax, Jan Schulte and many others, including Ivkovic himself.
With its small size, Salon des Amateurs provided something of an open platform, a place where true music lovers could experience DJs exploring sounds and genres that strayed far from traditional electronic dance music tropes. That same adventurous spirit has found its way into Ivkovic’s curation of Offen Music, a label he launched in 2015. Although the imprint’s output is all but impossible to neatly categorize – experimental Serbian rarities sit alongside ambient excursions and moody synth-pop in the label’s catalogue – the label’s open-minded approach and embrace of off-kilter sounds perfectly encapsulates Ivkovic’s artistic temperament.
In recent years, that temperament has increasingly found devoted followers all around the globe. Simply put, Ivkovic has become a staple of the European club circuit; despite his many years in the humble confines of Salon des Amateurs, he’s proven to be just as comfortable at celebrated nightspots like De School (Amsterdam), Berghain (Berlin), Nitsa (Barcelona), Kaiku (Helsinki), Sub Club (Glasgow), Phonox (London), Fold (London), Corsica Studios (London), The White Hotel (Manchester), Mutabor (Moscow), Pacha (Ibiza), Blitz (Munich), Zukunft (Zurich), Concrete (Paris), Lux Fragil (Lisbon), Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Circoloco (Ibiza) and others too numerous to list. He’s no stranger to touring either, having taken extended DJ trips to Canada (September 2017), Asia (July 2018), Australia (January 2018), Brazil and Colombia (March 2018), USA (2019, April 2022), Brazil (September 2022).
Even the festival circuit has come calling, inviting Ivkovic and his inventive rhythms to large-scale events like Primavera Sound, Unsound, World Minimal Music, Houghton, Strange Sounds from Beyond, Dekmantel, Flow, TodaysArt, Robot, Waking Life, Terraforma, Dancity, Positive Education, Elevate, Love International, Dimensions, Kala, Sziget, The Crave … and that’s just a partial list.
Still, despite all of these international adventures, Ivkovic has kept his focus on music, especially the dark and often psychedelic sounds that lurk in its unexplored corners. Each month, he distilled some of that love into Lunatic Love Songs, a much-loved and sonically borderless program on Red Bull Radio. He still does it with his frequent contributions for Noods Radio, Kiosk Radio or Oddity Radio to name a few.
Whether he’s broadcasting on the radio or piloting the dancefloor, Ivkovic is someone who applies a curatorial mindset and a deep love of music to all of his creative exploits. Yes, he’s a DJ, but he’s so much more than that; he’s a storyteller, a connoisseur and, most importantly, an artist.
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