LINK Bologna pres. ⒸⓇⒶⓀ XXL

LINK Bologna pres. ⒸⓇⒶⓀ XXL

Sabato 9 Luglio vi proponiamo nella nostra casa madre un party di super qualità con il marchio CRAK, ormai una certezza nel panorama delle serate targate Link. Pronti per ballare dell’ottima musica con i super guest di questa lunga notte di mezza estate.


  • Elli Acula
  • Hiver
  • Not Mass


  • Fabrizio Maurizi
  • Alessio Collina
  • Massone Soundsystem

Ticket 9,99€ su UGO online da Martedì 14
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> Elli Acula
Elli Acula’s meteoric ascent is unstoppable, just like her power behind the decks to fuse groovy, powerful sounds ranging from Techno, Rave, Breakbeat, Electro and Jungle. Her electric energy has already thrilled dancers at Europe’s top venues like Berghain, Printworks, Fabric and Robert Johnson, as well as dance floors in South America and Australia. However, playing late night/early morning extended vinyl sets at Berlin haunts like OHM or ://aboutblank was where she cut her teeth.
Having been a founding member of the label Spandau20 and one of its creative directors, it was her first release on the label that set her up for what came next. “To The Peak”, the record she made with FJAAK & Ostgut Ton’s Steffi, hits just as hard as one of Elli Acula’s lauded DJ sets and was immediately picked up and supported by Techno & Electro’s greatest.

> Hiver
As said by the so missed Juno Plus: “The middle ground between US and European electronic music is where the work of Hiver exists”. Echoing hypnotic melodies and haunting rhythms have given form to Hiver back in 2012.
Since then, they’ve started defining their aesthetic path, driven by dark and distant elements slowly evolving in a mould of linear rhythms. Their debut Ep “A Day”, on Vidab Records in 2012, has been followed by the highly acclaimed “Blue Aconite” Ep, released via Curle Recordings and including a Tobias remix. Thanks to this release, Hiver’s name started to be reckon worldwide. Clubs and festival promoters has soon started taking note of their works, as testified by their shows at Panoramabar, Dimensions Festival, ADE, Oval Space, Rio De Janeiro and a 5 shows Asia tour, just to name a few. Being based in Milan, it didn’t took too long for them to get offered to join the infamous Dude Club as resident djs and likewise in the meantime, other labels and producers started approaching Hiver with collaboration offers. With other 2 eps signed on Curle, a release on Luke Hess’s Deeplabs label and further acetates on Kann, Appian Sounds, Bokhari and Taped Artifact the ground is set to allow Hiver to push their sound to a further level.
Based in Milan, they have been played the infamous Dude Club as resident and in the meantime, other labels
and producers started approaching Hiver with collaboration offers. Since then they have issued several
releases on the likes of Curle, Luke Hess’s Deeplabs, Kann, Appian Sounds, Fides, LET Amsterdami and Taped
Artifact. In 2019 Peggy Gou featured an Hiver’s track for her compilation on !K7. In 2021 the duo makes a
comeback with releases on Polifonic’s new label and Sungate Records.

> Not Mass
The project “Not Mass” arises from the desire to experiment harder and darker sounds. The interest in approaching this new sound comes straight from the passion for rock music that characterized his childhood.
The journey from the passion for rock music to that for techno music is a rapid one; his teens are marked by the characteristic settings and the atmosphere of the most popular clubs of South Italy, that provide him with the possibility to collect sounds that would fill and characterize his musical background.
His musical selection and productions range from Breakbeat to Electro crossing to techno old school up to the most experimental and industrial sounds.

> Fabrizio Maurizi
Fabrizio Maurizi is a native of Bologna (Italy), a city that has always paid particular attention to the original Detroit Techno movement, making it the perfect place to grow up in terms of music. After a brief spell as part of the city’s militant illegal rave scene, Fabrizio soon graduated to residencies at some of the most important clubs in the country.
Fabrizio started producing his own sounds, switching to music software programs after 10 years of studying piano. Completely hooked on very low bassline frequencies, his tracks explore the sometimes dark, sometimes funky side of techno, using completely mad vocal samples to give his music a unique flavour. Fabrizio definitely has DJing in his blood, liking nothing more than to lead the dancefloor out of darkness into light and vice versa, allowing his music to slowly evolve through the interplay of rhythmic analog elements and jumping basslines.
His dj set is an endless journey between house and techno, the sun and the moon, with no boundaries between the music genres: the organic elements are perfectly melted with futuristic sci-fi atmospheres.
In 2007 he founded with his friend/partner Idriss D the label Memento, releasing his first ep “Hasta la Baldoria Siempre” that was an incredible start for an unknown artist and label: the ep joined quickly the top ten everywhere.
One year after Fabrizio realized his dream joining the Minus family, where he started to produce and performing with.
Now Fabrizio is delivering his unique music all over the world, playing in the best clubs like Fabric , Rex , Robert Johnson , Womb , Cocoricò , Cocoon…just to name a few, garnering an underground very high reputation for his unmistakable dj set.

> Alessio Collina
Alessio starts his musical career at the age of 13, approaching the world of djing through parties organized by friends.
House music lover and vinyl addicted; His musical route is dynamic and the continuous desire to offer something
original has brought him to be very appreciated during these years.
His label Trend Records released a lot of young talents alongside masters li
ke Paul Johnson, Ricky Montanari
and Paul Cut.
The music has been played by artists like Osunlade, Vincent Floyd, Alexander Robotnick, Terry Farley, Ben
Sims and Fred P to name a few.
Alessio has performed in great clubs around Italy and not only: Berlin,
Zurich, Barcelona, London, Tunis and more to come.
His tracks have been played and appreciated by artists like Jimpster, Kerri Chandler, Dj Sneak, Doc Martin,
Honey Dijon, Steve Lawler, Slam and many more.
in 2017, Alessio started to make music even with a new alias: Hill.
He presses his own music, that’s why Hill is also a label where he releases only his stuff, exclusively on wax.
Hill’s music has been played by Secretsundaze, Nachtbraker, Apollonia, Move D just to say some names.
Alessio use this alias to bring on stage his production, performing them with a live set composed by some drum
machines, effects and the queen of samplers, the MPC.
His versatility makes Alessio a unique artist, constantly in search, always ready to surprise.

> Massone Soundsystem
Massone SoundSystem è un duo che nasce all’interno delle mura di un vecchio garage.
Il dj set, vario e versatile, contiene contaminazioni di suoni house, trance, electro e breakbeat.
I due giovani rappresentano ai decks il progetto Massone Warehouse.
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    9 July 2022 23:30